Javier rúa

PANELISt moderator

Javier is a former Puerto Rican public servant initially focused on natural resources/environmental protection and later on telecommunications regulation. He currently runs his own consultancy & legal practice, with emphasis on regulatory and government affairs, mostly in the renewable energy and ICT industries.


  • President/CEO of JRJ Consultants & Legal Advisors, LLC (2017-)

  • Chairman of Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Puerto Rico (2013-2017)

  • Vice-Chair and Chair of REGULATEL (Latin American Forum of Telecommunications Regulators) (2013-2016)

  • Private legal practice (2009-2012)

  • Chairman of Environmental Quality Board of Puerto Rico (2008)

  • Undersecretary of Natural and Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico (2004)

Involvement in Internet Governance (IG):

Initially, Rúa-Jovet was involved in Internet Governance as Chair of REGULATEL (Latin American Forum of Telecommunications Regulators), an observer organization at ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Council (GAC). Currently, as a council-Member at ICANN’s At-Large Council (ALAC) for the North America region.

As REGULATEL Chair, Rúa-Jovet established a formal MOU relationship between REGULATEL and ICANN, signed with former CEO/President Fadi Chehade. He is also active within VirtualEduca, an Organization of American States program dealing Internet and education best practices, as well as in CANTO, the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations.

Academic background:

  • BA, Boston College

  • JD, University of Puerto Rico School of Law

  • LL.M George Washington University